Angels Dust“Funeral” video ///

OhblivRaw Spirit Jewels ///

ZeroSystemThe Art of Soundcloud Show #16 ///

KutmahMadlib mix from Stones Throw Podcast ///

BeatPeteVinyl Session #59 ///

FurozhHome Pt.2 (Peace Tapes cassette) ///

Rhetoric WallaceNinjas&Pirates&Lazers&Shit EP ///

VIK(Sub)conscious (Burnt Tapes cassette pre-order) ///


Kamasi Washington‘The Epic’ in Concert (Jazz Night in America) ///

Lo-Fi OdysseysPalm Wine Beats Vol.1 (Nigerian Music mix) ///


The Greg Foat GroupThe Dancers at the Edge of Time ///

Jay AlphaCult Difference ///


RakLo Functionality (Nekubi Tapes Teaser vid) ///

Arkives aka ArkivistKan Kick Showcase #2 ///

Blameful Isles & ZentusSounds of Lucidity (Radio Juicy Vol. 158) ///

Radio Juicy Vol. 158 (Sounds Of Lucidity by Blameful Isles & Zentus) by Radio Juicy on Mixcloud

Sir Withers (Sir Froderick & Dil Withers) – Affinity  (7″vinyl ///


Daru JonesThat breaks (Godsconnect video) ///

beatboxbanditNew Language (Cosmic Compositions cassette release) ///

John Dope / Top$DT006 (Dirty Tapes cassette release) ///



L’Orange & Kool KeithThe Wanderer ///

Pacific Yew(((( House Plants )))) ///

DJ NobodyPuzzles ///

Paul HaresMSC DTH (Big Ear Tapes) ///


Mr. Dibia$eMore Steez [95] (Godsconnect video) ///

DelofiNuts (Acorn Tapes cassette) ///


Fly AnakinElsewhere Ave ///

Sinking SwimmerFace First EP (I Had an Accident Records release) ///


Beat SoupJuly Mixtape video ///

Jeremiah JaeThe Decline of Black Anakin EP ///


HellnoteHellnote Presents: Mixtape Series ///

NovelissToonami Tsunami prod by Scott Xylo ///


KnxwledgeFlying Lizrds video ///

L’Orange & Kool KeithTime? Astonishing! ///

Quelle ChrisTights Songs Mix #13 for Fresh Selects ///

YayayPlease Don’t Copy Us, Please Copy Us (Radio Juicy Vol. 157) ///

Radio Juicy Vol. 157 (Please don't copy us. Please copy us. by \/ /\ \/ /\ \/ III) by Radio Juicy on Mixcloud

DelofiAcorn Tapes 006 Teaser Mix ///

KutmahBLK/SMR ///

Vox ArcanaCaro’s Song (relay 010) ///

Art Vandelaymejiwahn ///


Alexandre Francisco Diaphra“Nota De Autor / Author’s Note” (short film) ///

Alexandre Francisco DiaphraDiaphra’s Blackbook of the Beats ///

Nekubiἔναστρος νύξ mix ///

2LateNow You Know (Radio Juicy Vol.156) ///

Radio Juicy Vol. 156 (Now you know by 2LATE) by Radio Juicy on Mixcloud

Jalal SalaamLive Set for Satellite Syndicate ///

Andrew McAnsh SextetLive at the Jazz Room ///


Kool Keith & KuriousDon’t Know Why EP ///


DRWNTravels Mix Series #018 for Dusty International ///


Grimm DozaThe Basement Episode 1 ///

Nasty NickNagoya (produced by BZKT) ///

VezzenWooden Temple ///

TVPES & FurozhPurple Turtles ///


BeatPeteVinyl Session #58 (In store Set) ///

RakLo Functionality (Nekubi Tapes cassette) ///


AckryteSeems Right ///


VHVLBeat Haus Radio mix #31 (VHVL set starts at 40min mark) ///


The second release from Extra Lovely Records and the first solo release comes from New Orleans native, N.O.M.A.D ///

N.O.M.A.D (which stands for Navigation of music and dreams) now currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas.  N.O.M.A.D’s sound is completely original and pulls from several genres such as experimental electronic, psychedelic rock, hip hop and jazz. This album (((( Yawning )))) is a continuation of N.O.M.A.D’s progression in his artistry. (((( Yawning )))) is available digitally and on limited edition cassette (40 copies). 


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