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Berry Weight sits atop the slippery slope of a genre being diluted more each day.  Luckily, the international duo (one musician from Canada, the other from Switzerland) have dealt out some high quality downtempo trip-hop in Music for Imaginary Movies.

The majority of the tracks on this eleven-strong album are head-bobbers, taking the listener through fully saturated atmospheres, superbly crafted to satisfy those looking for a well engineered combination of electronic effects and real-world samples.  Though generally rhythmic in nature, these guys mix in a good amount of melody, courtesy of the lovely Astrid Engberg on three of the tracks.  Distinguishing this album from the rest, however, is the masterful clarinet work performed by the Frenchman Kledsy Jy.

This album is one to relax to.  Made up of some instrumentals, some lyric driven tracks, Music for Imaginary Movies strikes a comfortable balance between rhythm and melody.  Here’s to downtempo crafted by those who know what they’re doing.