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I love watching a band evolve. On its third studio album, Little Dragon does just that. The Swedish quartet, fronted by singer Yukimi Negano, first hooked me years ago with its gorgeous mix of soul, R&B, rock, funk, synth-pop and electronica. But when I heard “Nightlight,” the lead single off Ritual Union, immediately knew something different was on the horizon.

The new record brings out a sharper side of the band. The sounds are more aggressive, the vocals more dynamic, and the mood more consistent as one track flows into the next. However, the band hasn’t lost the dreamy pop sensibility that has always made its songs so addictive.

The dance floor is my first love as a music fan, and Ritual Union has plenty to offer in that department. Uptempo rhythms and electronic beats are everywhere on this album, making for an interesting contrast with Negano’s vocals, which sometimes dip into a quirky and even folky vibe. The tension resolves on the closing cut, “Seconds,” a gentle lullaby with a hint of Kraftwerk that marries the band’s disparate influences perfectly.

Listen: Little Dragon’s ‘Ritual Union’ in its Entirety

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On April 17, ?uestlove teamed up with Parisian star Keren Ann to present “Philly-Paris Lockdown,” a one-night celebration of 1900s Paris that took place at this year’s Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts. Keren Ann is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer and songwriter with six solo albums to her credit. Her recent 101 has already attracted acclaim for its subtle intricacies and strong storytelling.

For “Philly-Paris Lockdown,” ?uestlove and Keren Ann were joined by a slew of artists to present an event awash in jazz, classical and hip-hop styles. The collaboration reworks compositions from Satie, Ravel, Debussy and Stravinsky.

Listen to excerpt from Philly-Paris Lockdown

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