I made this album about during one of those deep, dark, cold Pennsylvania winters. My homie Jim Agguzi played the drums, of all sorts, and went on these wild percussion trips, drumming all over the walls and metal pipes sticking out of the walls in the basement we were recording in.
We recorded about 3 hours of straight up drum tracks, all in short segments, nothing in song structure. After I chopped some of the drums up, made some loops out of them, I arranged them he Jim laid the Wurlitzer on top.
After that was done, I went back out to Humboldt County, CA, did my business, and came up with the tracks. Don’t really remember where all the samples came from, or which filters or EQs I use, which I get asked all the time, but that’s what I came up with out of it.
My friend way up there, Valerio, played metal/FX guitar, so he added the guitar over tracks, and it was born; TRON VOYAGE.

The track listing is in the story of some alien robot, going thru life, getting pissed his job is wack, quitting, setting off for greener planets, finding one, enjoying the pece it thinks found, reality setting in & life getting hectic again, and then his realization that life is life, wherever you go. You can’t escape it.