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Yikes the Zero returns with a new album title, An Echo Storm Howling. Written , produced , and illustrated all by Yikes himself. With some special guest appearances by DJ Skipmode , Osevere, Natasha Morrow, T.c. Cole, Stainless Steele and Tajai from the mighty Souls of Mischief. “Approach this with an open soul”. Brought to you by Extra Lovely Records.

Howling Back


Maryland artist Dexter Fizz melds his sound to the smooth, jazzy, sample-driven production of legendary Japanese producer Bugseed. “I Died Here” is a timeless 10 track project. With life inspired lyrics, each track hits home as you sink into this well crafted body of art. Out now on limited edition cassette (with a short run of exclusive T-shirts) and digital download via Extra Lovely Records.

All songs written by Dexter FIzz and produced by Bugseed ///

Cover art and layout by LSDoomGFX

Enrique Rodriguez is an 18 year-old producer, pianist and composer from Santiago, Chile. At such a young age, it is hard not to be amazed at the amount of talent this guy has. Lo que es is Enrique’s first soul-jazz album, released on Pennsylvania label Extra Lovely Records.

The album takes you on a moody, meditative journey through Enrique’s expansive world of soul and jazz music. The keys are beautifully arranged, and the slow-paced grooves give you time to truly appreciate the grace and maturity Enrique has as a multi-instrumentalist and producer, which is impressive considering his young age. With faint bossa-nova grooves on a track such as ‘Lo que somos’ or the ambient closer ‘Chao,’ this album is meant for a romantic night in with your significant other. Love would be the word to describe the atmosphere of this short but sweet project, and it’s definitely worth your time.”
– Martin Boev for In Search of Media

All instruments on the EP were played by Enrique Rodriguez.

Enrique Paredes Bassi is featured on track 4 playing electric guitar and on tracks 5 & 7 playing electric bass.



FullSizeRender (5)

Extra Lovely Records is very excited to announce the release of our new project EL006 Cropsy – “Love Weather Dinner Party”. An experimental, lo-fi, electronic scratch/turntablism project. The project is available digitally and on limited-edition, one of a kind color-splattered cassettes with light blue shells and also includes an illustrated insert with credits and tracklisting. Less than 20 tapes (from the original 50) are available online after most of them were sold during our release party on 6/26/16.  

Cropsy – “Love Weather Dinner Party” (promo video) ///



Stainless Steele, MC/Producer in the genre of hip hop/psychedelic/electronica drops his latest release Nothing is Sacred, Everything is Sacred. The album includes 50% production from Stainless and the other half from a handful of experimental beat scene producers including; ProfLogik, Deflon, Iller the Abstract GiraffePogflipper and Ohbliv with one vocal guest appearance from Maf Madix. You can also purchase a 7″ vinyl single that includes High Lander Grammar  from the new album and three other rare underground hip hop cuts. Digital download of the album is included with purchase of the vinyl.

GodsConnect – Video Mix Vol.5 (Download)




Adjaman & KhryoBlack Satin


Dexter Fizz713



Stainless Steele drops a Valentine’s Day mix in collaboration with Paris-based music blog Stock-71 (peep their site, they got ill mixes). Black Roses: Love Sick Potion features brand new and old love-themed singles, freestyles, and remixes by Stainless Steele along with a few contributions from his musical colleagues.


01 Outkast – Happy Valentine’s Day (Black Roses chopped and screwed intro)
02 Stainless Steele – Dancing Ballerina Hidden Praying Mantis
03 Stainless Steele – Moon Ladder
04 Stainless Steele – Moon Ladder (Lapalux’s Long Days remix)
05 Stainless Steele – Purple Curve Ruins
06 Stainless Steele – Say You Will Freestyle
07 Stainless Steele – Adorable Torture
08 TEK.LUN – Heart and Soul
09 Stainless Steele – Holdin My Breath
10 The Internet – Love Song (Stainless Steele remix)
11 Stainless Steele – Dulcinea
12 Elegant Animals – By My Recollection
13 Stainless Steele – Nocturnal Revenge (alternate take: knx)
14 Stainless Steele – Technology for Romance (alternate take: Abjo)
15 Outkast – Vibrate