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Ghost McGradyIron Cloud ///

Dexter StoryWondem Remixed (featuring Ras G, Kutmah & more) ///

Josh Hey21 (Acorn Tapes release) ///

MndsgnTight Songs featuring Swarvy & Alima (Fresh Selects radio) ///

SwarvyPark Slope (from Extra Lovely Vol.1) ///

Jheri TracksAllCity MIx for NTS radio ///

Josh Hey & TLKEE&J (Paxico Records cassette release) ///

Dil WithersDirections (Radio Juicy mix) ///

Beatpete & DigitallucVinyl Session #64 (beatmaker special) ///

Le MotelOka (Cosmic Compositions Vinyl EP) ///

Acorn TapesAcorn Curated 01 ///


Paxico RecordsPhiladelphia in the Summer of 64 (featuring Josh Hey, Mogillah, Sigmund Washington, Stainless Steele) ///




Escapism“, The new album from Stainless Steele is out now on vinyl, cassette and digitally through Extra Lovely Records/HHV.DE. The album is written and produced by Stainless Steele and features additional production from Josh Hey and vocal features from Danny Watts, Jalal Salaam, Maf Maddix & Yikes the Zero.

Stainless Steele – Hefty Plasma Caster (video) ///

Flying Lotus & Kendrick LamarNever Catch Me ///

Stanley IpkussDopeSick EP ///


SufYan – KERMA ///


Josh Hey – Staycation 2 ///


MndsgnEggs (Yawn Zen LP Stones Throw Records 2014) ///

JomacForselfandforyou (Acorn Tapes 2014 Cassette release) ///


Josh Hey – #Rappervines ///


SNKA – SumBeats ///



Clever Austin – Drummer/producer for the Australian band Hiatus Kaiyote drops a 40 min beat mix for Wax Poetics entitled Hide-Away Headshell for free DL.


Sir FroderickConsolidate LP (limited cassette release)


Josh HeyStaycation Mix (Casette)


Dyme A Duzin – Swank Sinatra (video)


Josh Hey – Ndeed (cassette release)


Maf Maddix – Who Watches When Gods Sleep


Shlohmo X Jeremih – Bo Beep (Do You Right)


Cognitive Reframing: is a powerful psychological tool that helps us change the meaning we ascribe to a particular event or situation. The “REFRAMING” project from Stainless Steele features remixes from: Ackryte, Lapalux, Infinite Potentials, Swarvy, Zenios, Nigel One, Josh Hey and Mefaun.


Stainless Steele recently did a live set on RWD.FM internet radio /// The set features live vocals over tracks from Markus Swarvy, Josh Hey, Knxwledge, and AbJo along with some orignal tracks, remixes and unreleased material, check it out…


The Philadelphia based electronic/hip hop/soul producer Sir Froderick releases a new 16 track album entitled Reconnecting. The album features a large crew of collaborators from Froderick’s inner circle and is released on Record Breakin’ Music. There’s a Limited 7″ Vinyl EP with exclusive tracks to go along with the album release as well.

“This album was made to hopefully reestablish a bond with friends I have made a connection within the music biz. These musicians’ sounds have inspired and shape me into the person I am today and for that I’m grateful. “Reconnecting” is for my friends who shared this time with me.”

– Sir Froderick

On Thursday June 2, 2011 at The Little Bar in South Philadelphia; Mndsgn, Swarvy, Sir Froderick, Knxwledge, Josh Hey and Stainless Steele came together to play a live show that they called “Blasphemous Jazz”. The concept for the show was that each artist would produce the re-workings of Miles Davis’ ‘Bitches Brew’ album. Each producer played a live set which included their Bitches Brew session. The show was hosted/Emceed by Stainless Steele. This release is the studio version of what was performed live that night. /// Free Download…