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Ghost McGradyIron Cloud ///

Dexter StoryWondem Remixed (featuring Ras G, Kutmah & more) ///

Josh Hey21 (Acorn Tapes release) ///

MndsgnTight Songs featuring Swarvy & Alima (Fresh Selects radio) ///

BeatPeteVinyl Session Part 65 Tape Deck Edition ///

Pacific Yew(((( P a l m s )))) ///

BudamunkButta Mix for Radio Juicy ///

Fly  AnakinThe Grand Scheme of Things (Inner Ocean cassette) ///


N.O.M.A.D((((Hello Low)))) (From the Extra Lovely Vol.1 compilation) ///

Ras GRaw Fruit Vol. 4 ///


ShunguSun Jazz World ///


BjorkVulnicura Remix Project part one ///


Ras GDown to Earth Vol.2 (the Standard Bap Edition) ///

N.O.M.A.D((((N O M A D)))) ///

Kuchenmann & VertiquaLisa EP ///

Repeat PatternMix #47 for Finest Ego ///


Ras GIn the Studio ///

KVMI & Keor MeteorMashroomz EP ///




MoGiLLaHsocial life. ///


DJM trio – Jaylib “The Official” cover ///

Thom Yorke – Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes ///


Ras G – Down to Earth Vol.2 ///


BeatPeteLouche Music Podcast 136 /// Listen / Download



Asonic Garcia & Bun – Split Cassette preview ///


Ras G – Raw Fruit Vol. 3 ///

MndsgnMndsgn Presents L.A: Stamp the Wax City Guide mix ///


Maf Maddix – Lensman (produced by Brother Aten) ///


LayerfaceDirty Tapes Boiler Room Set ///


Ras GWalk with Me feat Khaill Sadiq (Raw Fruits 3 // Leaving Records Cassette) ///


The HeliocentricsQuatermass Sessions (Now and Again Records) ///


melanin 9  – Colors ///

Ras GLive From Space Base Vol.2 ///


OhblivLewseJoints II ///


Knxwledge – Hexual Sealings Pt.7 ///


Ras G and the Afrikan Space Program feat ZerohInjera, Lentils and Kale (video)

Pragmatic TheoryHorizons (Compilation)

Jubletmere human

Write Groove & AckryteAckWrite EP

Ras G  – All is Well (official video)



Danny Watts  – Messenger Series Vol.1

KnxwledgeWrapTaypes PRT 5.5 (bootleg)


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Beats of Mind: Words & Pictures is a discussion exploring Hip Hop, sampling culture and beats, hosted by Californian based music writer Andres Reyes and featuring Ras G, Dak and Kutmah – the artists who performed at the Beats of Mind live event on the previous night (Fri 5 Oct, Bunatee, Queen’s Students’ Union).