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Via Pragmatic Theory Bandcamp

After five months since the last Pragmatic Theory mc album, the Pragmatic Theory collective with addition to contributed tracks from acts such as The Doppelgangaz x Apathy, Sene x blu, & UK’s Melanin 9, Verbal Architecture is an international coalescence of hip hop poetry.

Featuring :
TASK1ne, Melanin 9 x Triple Darkness, Slim Pickens, The Doppelgangaz x Apathy, Jondis, Sene x Blu x Anthm x Britain Parker, Stainless Steele, Chromadadata, Supreme Sol, Chel Strong, Kal-L, Phlo Deli, W.O.L.M, Wood Ox, Defcee, Praverb the Wyse x Don Streat, Cayoz, The Benchwarmers Clique, Reflectionz, Corsairs (Cor Stidak x RaSun), Redi Brown, The Paramedics, Benjamin Earl Turner, Ibn Hasan x Glyph



Pragmatic Theory – “Phonaesthetics” Is a FREE DOWNLOAD available on bandcamp brought to you in conjunction with

Features tracks from:
Melanin 9 x Anatomy, Fish Grease x Es-k, Ibn Hasan x Glyphick, Dudley Perkins x Georgia Anne Muldrow, Defcee and Wizard Jenkins the Great x Sev Seveer, Jondis x Keor Meteor, Wyatt x 5th Sequence, Don Cerino x Chromadadata, Gigio x DJ Sapien, Phlo Deli x Funky Notes, The Benchwarmers Clique x Jewbei, W.O.L.M (NRS) x Afryx, The Paramedics x Nextwon, Disturbance x Mr. Troy, Redi Brown x JP Balboa, Dregs One x J-Felix, Cor Stidak x Byrdversion1, Prozak Morris.
Listen, Download & Enjoy… Peace…

Phonaesthetics – “The study of the inherent pleasantness (euphony) of the sound of certain words, phrases, and sentences. Poetry is considered euphonic, as is well-crafted literary prose. Important phonaesthetic devices of poetry are rhyme, assonance and alliteration.”


“Pragmatic Theory – Summer In The City” is a compilation of tracks from some of the brightest & most talented producers from the underground beat scene & is released in conjunction with
Album features Tracks from : Ta-ku, Floyd Cheung, Handbook, Languid, Stainless Steele, Snubluck, Snakehips, Ill Sugi, Mononome, Y Ohan & Keor Meteor, CΔNS, ChromadaData, Prozak Morris, Weirddough, Glyphick, S.F.T, Nextwon, MOTD & Afryx Q, JP Balboa, DJ Sapien, Artonius, Keith Price, MadColour, Byrdversion1, Grossbuster, Scalez, Constrobuz, AL PD, Jewbei, Warren Xclnce & Sev Seveer.