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“Pragmatic Theory – Summer In The City” is a compilation of tracks from some of the brightest & most talented producers from the underground beat scene & is released in conjunction with
Album features Tracks from : Ta-ku, Floyd Cheung, Handbook, Languid, Stainless Steele, Snubluck, Snakehips, Ill Sugi, Mononome, Y Ohan & Keor Meteor, CΔNS, ChromadaData, Prozak Morris, Weirddough, Glyphick, S.F.T, Nextwon, MOTD & Afryx Q, JP Balboa, DJ Sapien, Artonius, Keith Price, MadColour, Byrdversion1, Grossbuster, Scalez, Constrobuz, AL PD, Jewbei, Warren Xclnce & Sev Seveer.