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SMARTBOMB VIDEO HOME SYSTEM, a new broadcast program that showcases the sounds, colors, shapes, faces, and works of our beloved community here in the bay and beyond for the world to see. We felt an experience beyond just a concert stream was in need to really reach out and virtually hug all our loved ones out we created a show full of music sets, skits, short films, animations, and messages of love and positivity…during a time where our people crave for that most…

In light of these times, with spaces and gatherings for our culture and expression on hold, we had to find a way to pivot our efforts and energy towards building a new way towards bringing the feeling of oneness and connected freedoms that we shared within our events, to all of our fam and folks around the world regardless of location and space…..

We launched our pilot broadcast to celebrate our 7th year anniversary with a star studded lineup, produced entirely DIY style on our website here:

Rotu // (Sound Research) – Fruitbowl Episode 2 feat. Lastnamedavid ///

Aaron Maxwell & James Matthew  – Split/C28 (Colossal Tapes cassette) ///

Gilead7 & Dr. StrangeloveCrystal Radio (I Had an Accident Records) ///

SuluAil ///

RBCHMBRSGood Night Nurse EP (.oldneon VHS video) ///

KnxwledgeHex.9.8 ///

ApolloChrome (My Bags Cassette) ///

Psychic MoldThe Strange Great, Everything ///

EN Tokyo Vol.9 – 2. Beat Session ///

Specs WizardGolden Eagle EP ///


The First Baboon CivilizationThe First Baboon Civilization (Moontown Records cassette) ///


Next Phase Records – Wound Up Beat Tape ///


Strata East All Stars (Charles Tolliver, Jean Carne, Stanley Cowell, Cecil McBee & Alvin Queen) – Jazzwoche Burghausen 2015 ///

Olof Melander – The Path (Project Mooncircle 2LP) ///


Bernhard WöstheinrichMusic with Space 2015 (Pt2) Live at Princeton University ///

Ghost McGradyFalling in a Dream (feat. Stainless Steele & MK Ultra Lord) ///

Ghetto Galactic – The Mothership Collective ///

ChiefA Tribute to Jneiro Jarel ///

Rhetoric WallaceUrbnoutwttrz (produced by Jameson) ///

Vivians (Mndsgn & KoreaTown Oddity) – The Shaw (In the Late 90s) ///


Budamunk & Fitz AmbroseBudarose (Paxico Records cassette) ///

Poptatrt PetePalmas (Radio Juicy vinyl release) ///

Patrick Paige IIPrelude ///


cassette sale

Extra Lovely – Cassette Store Day Sale! ///

In celebration of Cassette Store Day 10/17/15 we are offering a special sale on our cassettes.

3 Tapes for $15.00, 2 Tapes for $12 & Extra Lovely Vo.1 for $5.
Additionally, Buy any solo tape release (N.O.M.A.D – (((( Yawning )))) or Yikes & Adam Jeez – The Some of Us) and get the Extra Lovely Vol.1 tape FREE.
The sale will run through the weekend Saturday 10/17/15 – Sunday 10/18/15 while supplies last ///

Beat SoupJuly Mixtape video ///

Jeremiah JaeThe Decline of Black Anakin EP ///


HellnoteHellnote Presents: Mixtape Series ///

NovelissToonami Tsunami prod by Scott Xylo ///


Alexandre Francisco Diaphra“Nota De Autor / Author’s Note” (short film) ///

Alexandre Francisco DiaphraDiaphra’s Blackbook of the Beats ///

Nekubiἔναστρος νύξ mix ///

2LateNow You Know (Radio Juicy Vol.156) ///

BeatPete & Wun TwoVinyl Session #51 Beatmaker Special ///

Wun TwoSnow ///

OhblivAltars.EP ///

Detroit CYDI & Stryfe – Rap Masters ///


Chester WatsonTrident ///

D.G.M Vol.1VATOGATO & Cakedog ///


Yikes the ZeroYikey the Giant Slayer ///


Dym Quelle Holo004: M__ry C_r__tm_s (seasons mumblings) ///


Cutting Room & UK: DJ Woody, Jon1st, Mr Switch, TigerStyle, Muzzell, Mighty Atom

Repeat PatternCounting Backwards ///


KhryoFloral Bouquet ///


Layerface – reCYCLE ///


Asonic Garcia & Bun – Split Cassette preview ///


Ras G – Raw Fruit Vol. 3 ///

MndsgnMndsgn Presents L.A: Stamp the Wax City Guide mix ///


Maf Maddix – Lensman (produced by Brother Aten) ///


Gaslamp Killer“Break Stuff”, Serato vinyl release mini documentary ///

Green Shades MusicTomorrow Comes Early (compilation)///

Lord RajaA Constant Moth ///

Fly AnakinMirrors.episode1 (produced by ewonee) ///