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Earl Sweatshirt & KnxwledgeStay Inside (Redbull Radio) ///

Pacific Yew(((( Lamest Days )))) ///

Czardust (Ohbliv & Sadhugold) – The RA (w) Material ///

simaDialogTrance/Mission ///

Carlos Nino & FriendsIt’s All Happening! (Dungeon Session) ///

Idris Ackamoor & The PyramidsWe Be All Africans ///

OhblivBaker’s Dozen (Fat Beats) ///

Airospace – 戦場ヶ原 ひたぎ [vol. III] ///


Angels Dust“Funeral” video ///

OhblivRaw Spirit Jewels ///

ZeroSystemThe Art of Soundcloud Show #16 ///

KutmahMadlib mix from Stones Throw Podcast ///

Ahwlee – flakes (1999 remix Godsconnect video) ///

ILl PremiZz – man and a sampler ///


Ohbliv – LewseJoints Quatre ///


Jomac – Believe in You ///


Dirty TapesVideo Block Demo (Music by Uplift) ///

OkhoAlprazolam (Radio Juicy cassette) ///


Lord ByronDigital Crucifixion ///

Mutual IntentionsMutual Intentions #1 ///

BeatPete, Fred Fades & Ivan AveVinyl Session #57 ///

OhblivRugged Tranquility ///


Akoza & Mack 187Constant Elevation (Radio Juicy mix vol. 144) ///


AhnnuElastic (off the new ‘Perception’ tape on Leaving Records) ///


BeatPete & Wun TwoVinyl Session #51 Beatmaker Special ///

Wun TwoSnow ///

OhblivAltars.EP ///

Detroit CYDI & Stryfe – Rap Masters ///


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The album, “Nothing is Sacred, Everything is Sacred” from Stainless Steele is now available on limited edition vinyl courtesy of HHV.DE.


melanin 9  – Colors ///

Ras GLive From Space Base Vol.2 ///


OhblivLewseJoints II ///


Knxwledge – Hexual Sealings Pt.7 ///


BrrdBoiler Room Set for Dirty Tapes

OhblivMind Garden (Trash Flow cassette release)


Olof MelanderHighcast 54 ( mix)


Count Bass DHandshake vs Dap (Never Normal records cassette release)


OhblivDirty Tapes Live Boiler Room Set 

Stanley Ipkuss & Ewonee thee Beatnik – .indefinite. 




Olof Melander aka Iller the Abstract Giraffe  – Inner Worlds (tape snippet/Finest Ego/Project Mooncircle 2014)


Joint Chiefs of JazzJazz Mix #2

Sir Froderick & Chris AreProper Gentlemen (Paxico Records cassette)

Kool ADNOT O.K. 

OhblivBlk Love Frequency (b)

Christoph El TruentoLive on 95bpm Breakfast CLub Download mp3 (right-click and save)


TuamieMasta Killa 




Ohbliv – 3_4 13


AckryteRare Air 


Dirty Tapes DT003 – Brrd & Wodoo Wolcan


Ohbliv and Fitz Ambro$e drop a split release on Cascade Records entitled Zen Vapors


Brrd mix for LFTF


Ahnnu out of Richmond, VA now residing in LA releases a new cassette World Music out on Leaving/Stones Throw records




Stainless Steele, MC/Producer in the genre of hip hop/psychedelic/electronica drops his latest release Nothing is Sacred, Everything is Sacred. The album includes 50% production from Stainless and the other half from a handful of experimental beat scene producers including; ProfLogik, Deflon, Iller the Abstract GiraffePogflipper and Ohbliv with one vocal guest appearance from Maf Madix. You can also purchase a 7″ vinyl single that includes High Lander Grammar  from the new album and three other rare underground hip hop cuts. Digital download of the album is included with purchase of the vinyl.