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DrumetricsBoiler Room Los Angeles ///

Ahnnu & Ohblivfamily jams vol.3 (rap vacation cassette) ///

MogillahThe State vs. Rocafella Records mix ///

Jack MartinPRAISE (gospel mix for Acorn Tapes) ///

Ghost McGradyReflection (Demo) ///

Hot Record SocieteUpfront 061: Boiler Room Mix ///

BorealismLoose Ends (Inner Ocean cassette) ///

ShunguThe Other Side of Time (Radio Juicy mix) ///


Lo-Fi OdysseysBoiler Room London Vinyl Set ///

Cornered Yet Climbing featuring Kelly Jayne Jones – Fevered Realities ///


Howie WonderFactors (ep) ///


APUH!Tva’ (Palsrobot Records cassette release)


Gaslamp KillerLive Boiler Room Set ///


Pragmatic TheorySynaethesia (compilation) ///


BrrdTowers / Annointing  ///


Knxwledge Hexual Sealings PRT 7.5 ///


LayerfaceDirty Tapes Boiler Room Set ///


Ras GWalk with Me feat Khaill Sadiq (Raw Fruits 3 // Leaving Records Cassette) ///


The HeliocentricsQuatermass Sessions (Now and Again Records) ///


BrrdBoiler Room Set for Dirty Tapes

OhblivMind Garden (Trash Flow cassette release)


Olof MelanderHighcast 54 ( mix)


Count Bass DHandshake vs Dap (Never Normal records cassette release)


OhblivDirty Tapes Live Boiler Room Set 

Stanley Ipkuss & Ewonee thee Beatnik – .indefinite. 




Olof Melander aka Iller the Abstract Giraffe  – Inner Worlds (tape snippet/Finest Ego/Project Mooncircle 2014)


DakimLive Boiler Set

The SP ArkestraLeisure #3 /// The Sp Arkestra is: Bwoy De Bhajan, Shatter Hands, Iller The Abstract Giraffe, Lord Akton, Sylle Struck, Wilfred B, Nahm-Sayn

Emanative & Ahmed AbdullahLove in Outer Space

deMilo2014 Calendar/Compilation (Paxico Records)


Elan, the electronic Hip-hop/Funk producer out of San Diego, CA rocks a lovely live set at Boiler Room in LA.



Lapalux is an Electronic/IDM/Hip Hop producer out of Essex, UK who has been pumping out loads of original material in the past several years including a handful of exclusive mixes for various blogsites, original works on soundcloud and two official EP releases. Lapalux’s approach to the production process is pretty much fearless, he’ll attempt to lay hip hop vocal reworks over a floating soundscape with no drums at all and other times chop up a vocal melody over more chaotic drum patterns but remaining in the lush floaty world that seems to be uniquely his own. Lapalux played a live set at the Boiler Room in April, here is the live mix from that show as well as his remix of Abel’s Skipping Puddles for download.

Download:  Abel – “Skipping Puddles” (Lapalux remix)

Download: Lapalux Boiler Room Podcast