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Lapalux, experimental/electronic producer from the UK, prepares to release his new album Nostalgic, March 25th on the Brainfeeder label. He’s released some new material including a track off the album. Lapalux’ sound consistently possesses many lush layers of atmosphere and a line of percussion and synths that carries the track to it’s final destination.



A mix of Nu-wave, progressive, electronic, experimental, soul and dance music for an Aquarius by Stainless Steele for free download.


01 Big Boi – Higher Res feat Jai Paul and Little Dragon
02 Toro Y Moi – Rose Quartz
03 Solange – Losing You
04 The Mighty Jungle – Mush Song
05 Little Dragon – Sunshine
06 Shlohmo – Later
07 Lion Babe – Treat Me Like Fire
08 Toro Y Moi – So Many Details
09 Jesse Ware – 110%
10 Snakehips – When I Look at You
11 Thundercat – For Love I come (Lapalux flip)
12 Noo-Bap – DE’_OW
13 Frank Ocean – Thinking Bout You (Ryan Hemsworth bootleg)
14 Knxwledge – unfoolish
15 Little Dragon – Forever (live)

Lapalux, experimental/electronic producer from the UK releases the first single “Forgetting and Learning Again (feat. Kerry Leatham)” from his new EP Some Other Time which comes out October 16th on Flying Lotus’ Label Brainfeeder.


Cognitive Reframing: is a powerful psychological tool that helps us change the meaning we ascribe to a particular event or situation. The “REFRAMING” project from Stainless Steele features remixes from: Ackryte, Lapalux, Infinite Potentials, Swarvy, Zenios, Nigel One, Josh Hey and Mefaun.


Stainless Steele was live again recently on RWD.FM internet radio. The set features live vocals over tracks from Lapalux, VLooper, Ichiro, Prof.Logik & Ackryte along with some original production. /// Check it out…


Amethyst Bay is the 11th mix in the Stones Series by Stainless Steele exclusively at Extra Lovely. All the Stones Series mixes are available for free download and the older mixes have recently been reloaded for a new round of downloads. Enjoy!


01 Personal – Sydney in Theory
02 rMell – HIP
03 Abel – Skipping Puddles (Lapalux remix)
04 Dimlite Violating Vin Landers – Caran D’Ache Knees
05 Alaclair Ensemble – Colibris
06 Sir Froderick – Farzana (Woizer)
07 Knxwledge – Thnkn
08 Fink – Perfect Darkness (Lapalux remix)
09 Alaclair Ensemble – Dest en Nouess
10 Cold Seltzers – colorofyou
11 Swarvy – TheWayWeWas (Josh Hey remix)
12 sc49 – Sexy Ways
13 Little Dragon – CrystalFilm
14 Abjo – Return from Time (Sankofa)
15 Alaclair Ensemble – Colibris Pt.2
16 Aluna George – You Know You Like It (Lapalux remix)


Lapalux drops a very impressive mix for Sold Steel Radio, we get to hear much more of his IDM and hip-hop influenced beat collages alongside his reworks of music by Gwen Stefani, Musiq Soulchild and Crystal Fighters, plus tracks from Telepopmusik and Broadcast. For free download via Ninja Tune soundcloud page.



Lapalux is an Electronic/IDM/Hip Hop producer out of Essex, UK who has been pumping out loads of original material in the past several years including a handful of exclusive mixes for various blogsites, original works on soundcloud and two official EP releases. Lapalux’s approach to the production process is pretty much fearless, he’ll attempt to lay hip hop vocal reworks over a floating soundscape with no drums at all and other times chop up a vocal melody over more chaotic drum patterns but remaining in the lush floaty world that seems to be uniquely his own. Lapalux played a live set at the Boiler Room in April, here is the live mix from that show as well as his remix of Abel’s Skipping Puddles for download.

Download:  Abel – “Skipping Puddles” (Lapalux remix)

Download: Lapalux Boiler Room Podcast