Lapalux is an Electronic/IDM/Hip Hop producer out of Essex, UK who has been pumping out loads of original material in the past several years including a handful of exclusive mixes for various blogsites, original works on soundcloud and two official EP releases. Lapalux’s approach to the production process is pretty much fearless, he’ll attempt to lay hip hop vocal reworks over a floating soundscape with no drums at all and other times chop up a vocal melody over more chaotic drum patterns but remaining in the lush floaty world that seems to be uniquely his own. Lapalux played a live set at the Boiler Room in April, here is the live mix from that show as well as his remix of Abel’s Skipping Puddles for download.

Download:  Abel – “Skipping Puddles” (Lapalux remix)

Download: Lapalux Boiler Room Podcast