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Dyme A Duzin – Swank Sinatra (video)


Josh Hey – Ndeed (cassette release)


Maf Maddix – Who Watches When Gods Sleep


Shlohmo X Jeremih – Bo Beep (Do You Right)



A mix of Nu-wave, progressive, electronic, experimental, soul and dance music for an Aquarius by Stainless Steele for free download.


01 Big Boi – Higher Res feat Jai Paul and Little Dragon
02 Toro Y Moi – Rose Quartz
03 Solange – Losing You
04 The Mighty Jungle – Mush Song
05 Little Dragon – Sunshine
06 Shlohmo – Later
07 Lion Babe – Treat Me Like Fire
08 Toro Y Moi – So Many Details
09 Jesse Ware – 110%
10 Snakehips – When I Look at You
11 Thundercat – For Love I come (Lapalux flip)
12 Noo-Bap – DE’_OW
13 Frank Ocean – Thinking Bout You (Ryan Hemsworth bootleg)
14 Knxwledge – unfoolish
15 Little Dragon – Forever (live)

Shlohmo the LA producer from the WEDIDIT camp has been gaining buzz in the past year and has solidified himself as one of the biggest names in the scene to check for in 2012. His remix of Drake and The Weeknd’s “Crew Love” is just one more reason to give Shlohmo his props. Listen to the track below and download it for free here.


“been workin on this for the past few days. i just really couldn’t stop listening to the ending of “shell of light.” shit is so beautiful. so i did this so i could listen to it more. hope u like it ::)

o and my album comes out in a lil less than a month :’))” – Shlohmo

Download: Shell of Light (Shlohmo remix)


Download: Marvin’s Room (Shlohmo remix)