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Escapism“, The new album from Stainless Steele is out now on vinyl, cassette and digitally through Extra Lovely Records/HHV.DE. The album is written and produced by Stainless Steele and features additional production from Josh Hey and vocal features from Danny Watts, Jalal Salaam, Maf Maddix & Yikes the Zero.

Stainless Steele – Hefty Plasma Caster (video) ///

Maf Maddix produced by DeflonOther Side (Off the Extra Lovely Vol.1 compilation) ///

Nolan the NinjaLofi Loops ///


Cram3324moeviusNew Type ///


FurozhThrough the Storm ///


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Extra Lovely is proud to announce the first release as a label, ‘Extra Lovely Vol.1’ /// An introductory compilation that features a collection of artists who provide exotic, electronic, hip hop, psychedelic, jazz & melodic sounds as a shape of things to come. E.L Vol. 1 is available digitally and on limited edition cassette and can be purchased at our Bandcamp page. Much love and thank you for your support, E.L  ///


01 DJ ImageRep Da East
02 SwarvyPark Slope
03 N.O.M.A.D(((Condenser)))
04 All Shapes – 1,2 1,2 
05 Sir Froderick Things About You
06 Maf MaddixOther Side (produced by Deflon)
07 Headpiece – Take 5
08 N.O.M.A.D – (((Hello Low)))
09 GarfunkleA-Ok
10 Yikes the ZeroSleep Walk (produced by Adam Jeez)
11 Ghost McGradyTake off the Mask, Maria
12 MogillaHBowgie Break
13 Stainless SteeleSolitary Enlightenment remix (prod by DJ Image)
14 Asonic GarciaCancerian

Asonic Garcia & Bun – Split Cassette preview ///


Ras G – Raw Fruit Vol. 3 ///

MndsgnMndsgn Presents L.A: Stamp the Wax City Guide mix ///


Maf Maddix – Lensman (produced by Brother Aten) ///




Stainless Steele, MC/Producer in the genre of hip hop/psychedelic/electronica drops his latest release Nothing is Sacred, Everything is Sacred. The album includes 50% production from Stainless and the other half from a handful of experimental beat scene producers including; ProfLogik, Deflon, Iller the Abstract GiraffePogflipper and Ohbliv with one vocal guest appearance from Maf Madix. You can also purchase a 7″ vinyl single that includes High Lander Grammar  from the new album and three other rare underground hip hop cuts. Digital download of the album is included with purchase of the vinyl.

Dyme A Duzin – Swank Sinatra (video)


Josh Hey – Ndeed (cassette release)


Maf Maddix – Who Watches When Gods Sleep


Shlohmo X Jeremih – Bo Beep (Do You Right)



Derrick Curtis aka Deflon, Electronic/hip hop producer from Greensboro, North Carolina drops his first official release on Circuitree Records entitled Darker than Black. The album showcases the talent and musicianship of a producer on the rise in the electronic/hip hop scene with lush melodies and chord-progressions overtop of scattered percussions and spacey sound effects.



Zenios is a producer from Springfield Ohio. Zenios’ sound could be described as electronic meditation in deep space. His influences often stem from Japanese anime, video games and the place in your mind between being asleep and awake. Zenios has released three albums, Ill Meditation, Mercury Crimson Dream and Pure Meditation; he also released Zeniosphere Slow Rotation Mix 1 & 2. The video post is a new collaboration between Zenios and two MCs, Stainless Steele and Maf Maddix. Look out for more from them in the near future.

Download: Zeniosphere Slow Rotation mix 2


This is a single Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron for being an inspiration by Maf Maddix, Introspective Minds, Carlleena Person and Marcus Kiser