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Quelle ChrisBeing You is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often ///

GarfunkleNov. 2016 EP ///



Escapism“, The new album from Stainless Steele is out now on vinyl, cassette and digitally through Extra Lovely Records/HHV.DE. The album is written and produced by Stainless Steele and features additional production from Josh Hey and vocal features from Danny Watts, Jalal Salaam, Maf Maddix & Yikes the Zero.

Stainless Steele – Hefty Plasma Caster (video) ///

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BeatPete & Wun TwoVinyl Session #51 Beatmaker Special ///

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OhblivAltars.EP ///

Detroit CYDI & Stryfe – Rap Masters ///


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The album, “Nothing is Sacred, Everything is Sacred” from Stainless Steele is now available on limited edition vinyl courtesy of HHV.DE.