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Jeremiah JaeWhen Daffi Attacks ///

LabtekwonKHUNSU ///

Sacred AviaryCoconut Dot Matrix ///

BeatPete, Wun Two & DigitallucVinyl Session #69 Beatmaker Special ///

DJMSilence’s Garden (Acorn Tapes release) ///

Quelle ChrisBeing You is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often ///

GarfunkleNov. 2016 EP ///

Ghost McGradySentient Hologram ///

FuzzoscopeEarwax Fizzica 2 (compilation) ///


Blunt Gunts NationEat More Blunt Guts 2 (compilation) ///


ShunGuThe Libra Tape ///


Sir FroderickBack to Basics interview ///


Ghost Mcgrady[here forever] ///


Howie WonderHeartbeats (Paxico records/potholes in my blog cassette release) ///


DJ Harrison – Vault Series #6 ///


Stainless Steele – Hologram Afterlife (bootleg video)

AcemoBoarders (bootleg tapes cassette 2014)

Ghost McGradyThe Death of [art.rap]

Italdred RecordsItaldred #2




BUN / DelofiDT005 (Dirty Tapes cassette split)


Asonic GarciaUmaga (sickonasty cassette)


Full Metal Soul Rebel & Danny WattsPyramidz (produced by KVZE)