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Yikes the Zero returns with his third full-length release on Extra Lovely Records Doctor Molotov’s Gallery of Portals. 

Doctor Molotov takes the listener on an exotic tour through his gallery of portals. A combination of experimental, psychedelic hip-hop tracks and instrumental collages. It’s Yikes the Zero’s most far-out project to date allowing him to venture into new worlds of unexplored sound.

All songs written and produced by Yikes the Zero

Artwork by Yikes the Zero ///

Stainless Steele – Hologram Afterlife (bootleg video)

AcemoBoarders (bootleg tapes cassette 2014)

Ghost McGradyThe Death of [art.rap]

Italdred RecordsItaldred #2


The tags on the bandcamp page read “african, electronic, art, channeled, universal, energy, multi-dimensional, sounds, otherworldly, rhythms, spiritual, vibrations, Philadelphia”. We could write up a more detailed summary about this release but the adjectives used in the tags are sufficiently poetic and leaves room for imagination, just like the music.

From the artist  – “Special thanks to COLD SELTZERS, Sir Froderick, Josh Hey, Mndsgn, Knxwledge, Darryl Deleon Lopez, Markus Swarvy, and all the other Philly Cats surviving the auditory struggle… Hold it down.”