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Spote Breeze & Asonic Garcia – Stubborn Optimist & OffTheRIP ///

Chester Watsonproject 0 ///


Ghost McGradyBelieve ///


Cosmic Analog Ensemble – Vie Cent Détours ///


CavalierTuck & Roll feat. Quelle Chris & Iman Omari ///

Various ArtistsHeart Centered Songs (Smart Bomb comp for Oakland fire victims) ///

Ahmed Malek & FlakoHabibi Funk 005: The Electronic Tapes ///

MedlinePowerful Poem “Beyond Horizon” (All Vinyl Jazz mix ) ///

DevonWhoAntiRagequit (off the LP “Luz” on Leaving Records)  ///

Lidly & GoYamaBlue Magic Tapes (Paxico Records cassette) ///

Asonic GarciaL A H A T ///

Various ArtistsSofie’s SOS Tape (Stones Throw Compilation) ///

Ghost McGradyReflection (Demo) ///

Hot Record SocieteUpfront 061: Boiler Room Mix ///

BorealismLoose Ends (Inner Ocean cassette) ///

ShunguThe Other Side of Time (Radio Juicy mix) ///


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Extra Lovely is proud to announce the first release as a label, ‘Extra Lovely Vol.1’ /// An introductory compilation that features a collection of artists who provide exotic, electronic, hip hop, psychedelic, jazz & melodic sounds as a shape of things to come. E.L Vol. 1 is available digitally and on limited edition cassette and can be purchased at our Bandcamp page. Much love and thank you for your support, E.L  ///


01 DJ ImageRep Da East
02 SwarvyPark Slope
03 N.O.M.A.D(((Condenser)))
04 All Shapes – 1,2 1,2 
05 Sir Froderick Things About You
06 Maf MaddixOther Side (produced by Deflon)
07 Headpiece – Take 5
08 N.O.M.A.D – (((Hello Low)))
09 GarfunkleA-Ok
10 Yikes the ZeroSleep Walk (produced by Adam Jeez)
11 Ghost McGradyTake off the Mask, Maria
12 MogillaHBowgie Break
13 Stainless SteeleSolitary Enlightenment remix (prod by DJ Image)
14 Asonic GarciaCancerian

AhnnuWhen I met Her (Godsconnect video) ///

Bandcamp City GuidesOakland ///


The Koreatown OddityOff with the Horse ///

V e s aFeels (Radio Juicy mix #145) ///


James PantsBroth ///

Rap VacationFamily Jams Vol.2 ///

FlakoNatureboy ///


Asonic GarciaSmart Bomb Radio #001 ///

Asonic Garcia & Bun – Split Cassette preview ///


Ras G – Raw Fruit Vol. 3 ///

MndsgnMndsgn Presents L.A: Stamp the Wax City Guide mix ///


Maf Maddix – Lensman (produced by Brother Aten) ///


Ghost McGradySentient Hologram ///

FuzzoscopeEarwax Fizzica 2 (compilation) ///


Blunt Gunts NationEat More Blunt Guts 2 (compilation) ///


ShunGuThe Libra Tape ///




BUN / DelofiDT005 (Dirty Tapes cassette split)


Asonic GarciaUmaga (sickonasty cassette)


Full Metal Soul Rebel & Danny WattsPyramidz (produced by KVZE)



“Waking to Eternia” is a conceptual project in translating dream into sound. – Asonic Garcia



Asonic Garcia drops “Gabi”, a tagalog for “evening”. “gabi:tape” is a fundraiser for the upcoming limited edition split cassette with Mike Boo to be released on our imprint, MG1214. this digital version is available for a limited time to raise funds for the cassette pressing.enjoy this collection of material all recorded and tied in together by the energy of the moon.

Bay Area native and active member of Secret Sidewalk,  Asonic Garcia releases “power UP’s in newOaksterdam”. A free single from the forthcoming, “Senzu Beans II” album limited cassette release.


Culp – Logfingers (video )


Swarvy – BlooFlow(rz) remix


Asonic Garcia – Endless Realm (video)


Secret Sidewalk
, the experimental/electronic/live-improv group from the Bay Area releases a 12.5 minute video for their track “Searching for the Mythic Octopus”. The track is off of their  second release which is self-titled.  Also, check out their bandcamp release that was available on limited cassette. Secret Sidewalk was started by Mike Boo,Puzzle Abalos and Asonic Garcia. The new and current roster includes Marcus Stephens on Sax and Mike Reed on Drums.