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SpaceghostA Patient Mind (short documentary)


Sir FroderickD’Void of Funk (mixtape for Wax Poetics and Insect Records). Sir Froderick’s D’Void of Funk mixtape. Composed of his favorite Funkadelic samples, the tape sees Froderick chopping up George and crew in his unconventional on-beat/off-beat style.


MndsgnSubtle Movements mix for B – Side records out of London.



“Waking to Eternia” is a conceptual project in translating dream into sound. – Asonic Garcia


Insightful, electronic/hip hop producer from Oakland, CA releases his new album The Shy Lanterns Glow on Soulection 


“An album dedicated to the lantern you are. The world is dark at times, and this was created to remind you of the light inside of you. My life has been a series of ups and downs and I hope this resonates somehow. Take care.”

Quelle Chris, the MC from Fresno CA teams up with beat gen producer and Green Lama representative Mr. Dibia$e for a super thorough EP titled “2Dirt4TV Vol.1”.


Quelle Chris – Live Alone Die Alone (video)


Asonic Garcia is also a member of the group Secret Sidewalk, check out their tumblr for more from Secret Sidewalk.