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PoptartPete aka Jamal Smith, hip hop producer from Philly drops a mix of all original beats “Mix Jawn 87”


CY experimental/hip hop producer from Toronto drops a lovely EP “B”.


3LLL experimental/hip hop producer from Chicago drops a three-part EP series, here’s the first release “Seed 1”




Mndsgn, experimental beat producer residing in Los Angeles by way of New Jersey, releases a new EP entitled bed. The EP was available for purchase on a short run of cassettes which quickly sold out. You can now bu the digital version of the EP via his bandcamp.

Lapalux, experimental/electronic producer from the UK releases the first single “Forgetting and Learning Again (feat. Kerry Leatham)” from his new EP Some Other Time which comes out October 16th on Flying Lotus’ Label Brainfeeder.


Quelle Chris, the MC from Fresno CA teams up with beat gen producer and Green Lama representative Mr. Dibia$e for a super thorough EP titled “2Dirt4TV Vol.1”.


Quelle Chris – Live Alone Die Alone (video)


rMell has been releasing some very high quality tracks in preparation for his release of NEO GEO due out Summer 2012. Have a listen to some of the select cuts from his soundcloud and his newly released video for “Two Weeks” from the Hipsters and Hypebeast EP.



Elegant Animals is a Philadelphia based band that combines electronic, soul, R&B and hip hop. Their free EP entitled Spectrum Nocturnal is a well produced and well rounded project with skillfully arranged and written original songs. Have a listen and download for free…


This is the fifth EP from artist N.O.M.A.D.  Like all of his EP’s, this EP was designed with the lucid dreamer in mind to aid in one’s travels through the subconscious.


Prof.Logik and Ackryte team up for a lovely collaborative EP filled with dirty drums, lush melodies, spacey and environmental samples and dope synth work.


Mndsgn an electronic/hip hop producer from New Jersey has been residing in Los Angeles and other west coast locations for the past several months doing live shows and working on new material. Some of that new material being this latest 5 track EP release entitled Daypass. Mndsgn also recently collaborated with several other east coast producers on a project entitled Blasphemous Jazz: The Bitches Brew Sessions.

Ichiro from Nerima, Japan drops a lovely EP entitled ‘noon’.