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Mndsgn an electronic/hip hop producer from New Jersey has been residing in Los Angeles and other west coast locations for the past several months doing live shows and working on new material. Some of that new material being this latest 5 track EP release entitled Daypass. Mndsgn also recently collaborated with several other east coast producers on a project entitled Blasphemous Jazz: The Bitches Brew Sessions.

The always impressive Mndsgn, a young electronic/hip hop producer from New Jersey releases a 15 track album “NoMaps”.  Mndsgn works in collaboration at times with Knxwledge and DevonWho.

Download: Respawn

‘Stained Glass Martini’ is an  all vinyl Exotica mix by Stainless Steele. This is an exclusive mix for Extra Lovely and there currently is no tracklist. Stainless Steele did say however “there’s a lot of Les Baxter and shit on there”…

Download: Stained Glass Martini