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Extra Lovely Radio Ep.7Keystone Collector’s Mix hosted by Stainless One. A collection of rare jazz, funk, psych and exotica cuts many of which were sampled by Madlib. Courtesy of Piñata Radio.


DJ HarrisonSpace Jam Jordans (Godsconnect video) ///

Saira Raza – Inertia ///


Adrian YoungeSomething About April II ///

MogillahOne Nation Under Zulu (mix) ///

Electric Egypt out of Cape York, Australia drops a new album entitled “Exotica”. The album features production from Electric Egypt and collaborations with Jonti, La Note, As Valet, 10 Letter and more. Electric Egypt’s sound is filled with tropical, spacey electronic, analogue, jazz  influences that can all be summed up by it’s title, Exotica.


‘Stained Glass Martini’ is an  all vinyl Exotica mix by Stainless Steele. This is an exclusive mix for Extra Lovely and there currently is no tracklist. Stainless Steele did say however “there’s a lot of Les Baxter and shit on there”…

Download: Stained Glass Martini