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Sir FroderickBlam Blam Bella’s Arrival (video) ///

10th LetterPrism Scale ///

Jeff ParkerThe New Breed (Deluxe Version) ///

Fumitake Tamura & DakimMudai Version ///

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Salami Rose Joe LouisZlaty Sauce Nephew ///

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Prof.LogikWalking Flag of Ethiopia (Godsconnect video) ///

10th LetterThe Revenge ///

The Gaslamp KillerInstrumentalepathy ///

mieksneakBOTANICAL ///

CropsyRep Da East (upcoming Extra Lovely release) ///

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Sir FroderickShit I’ve Been Listening 2 Mix ///

Magnum P.IPenya Investigations (On The Corner cassette) ///


DJ HarrisonSpace Jam Jordans (Godsconnect video) ///

Saira Raza – Inertia ///


Adrian YoungeSomething About April II ///

MogillahOne Nation Under Zulu (mix) ///

10th LetterTemporal Paradox ///

Это ПаранойяПустота (early 90s jeep-beat/boom-bap tape) ///

[TTR007​]​: selfish. x sxmgdyTimberland Spacesuits ///


MadlibGuest Mix For Gilles Peterson 02/14/2002 (spiritual jazz) ///

Mo KoloursOrphan’s Lament ///

10th Letter EnsembleOpen Circuit Session (Live at Aisle 5) ///

Fred Fades & Ivan AveFruitful ///

KRS-OneNow Hear This Album ///


10th Letter –  Song of the Asterite (video) ///


HeadbandEarworms (Colossal Tapes) ///

Black Moth Super Rainbow & The Octopus ProjectThe House of Apples and Eyeballs ///


Aru-2Catalogue ///


CavalierDat Lah (produced by Iman Omari) ///

10th LetterPortals and Compasses ///



HajinoNa Day ///


Ghost McGradyThe conception of [art rap] ///

10th LetterMoas Radio Guest Mix #3 ///

PeaceTapes / FurozhHome ///

Scallops HotelPlain Speaking ///


GodsConnectElfamosoDemon Video Mix

ZerohPool Party Original Still Picture Soundtrack 


10th Letter –  Corpus Animus


DJ Qbert Extraterrestria 

Third3ye – On3ss

10th LetterS E A S O N S

The Enigma – releases three lovely experimental beat projects at once. Reversed Mindframe Experience is 1/3


10th Letter – Yesterday’s Dreams // Tomorrow’s Paths


Ackryte – Overly


Pogflipper – 80SIX


10th Letter, experimental/electronic/hip hop producer from South Carolina drops a new album Weapons. 


1oth Letter, experimental electronic hip hop producer from South Carolina drops a new album entitled Golden Datasphere.


New release from 10th on soundcloud: