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French producers Onra and Buddy Sativa join up to release a spiritual/free jazz album on AllCity records under the name Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo.  The album is set to release on April 8th. A promotional video and “minimix” was released via AllCity records soundcloud which features 13 minutes of lovely cosmic jazz vibes for 2013.



Faded Topography is a Jazz mix by Stainless Steele for free download. The tracklist is not provided but features cuts from Strata East label, Yesterday’s New Quintet, Don Cherry and more.



C O S M I C | C O M P O S I T I O N S will be putting together a Series of Compilations dedicated to some of the pioneers of the Avant-Garde Jazz Movement.

The majority of this compilation was produced by beatmakers who strictly sampled Pharoah Sanders.

We feel there is huge similarity’s between the Avant-Garde/Free Jazz movement of the 50’s & 60’s & the beat movement of Today. As both movements attempted to break down, extend & alter the conventions of their original genres (Jazz & Hip Hop) & were never afraid to experiment & improvise to create something that wasn’t accepted commercially at the time.

Thin Space is an all vinyl spiritual jazz mix by Stainless Steele consisting of mostly jazz from the late 60s and early 70s on the Impulse! record label. “Thin Places” are places where the spiritual and the natural world intersect. It is a place where it is possible to touch and be touched by God. “Thin Spaces” are the moments when we experience a deep sense of God’s presence in our everyday world. Download the mix here.


1. Pharoah Sanders – Greeting to Saud

2. Alice Coltrane – Paramahansa Lake

3. Monk Hughes and the Outer Realm – Welldone

4. Flying Lotus – Mmmhmm

5. Pharoah Sanders – Healing Song

6. Michael White – John Coltrane was Here

7. Flying Lotus – Arkestry

8. Alice Coltrane – Blue Nile

9. Goodie Mob – Free (Instrumental)

10. Lonnie Liston Smith – Sais (Egypt)

11. Pharoah Sanders – Astral Traveling

12. Lonnie Liston Smith – Peaceful Ones