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GodsConnectVolume 9 (video mix / Download @ souncloud ///


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French producers Onra and Buddy Sativa join up to release a spiritual/free jazz album on AllCity records under the name Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo.  The album is set to release on April 8th. A promotional video and “minimix” was released via AllCity records soundcloud which features 13 minutes of lovely cosmic jazz vibes for 2013.


Stainless Steele drops a Valentine’s Day mix in collaboration with Paris-based music blog Stock-71 (peep their site, they got ill mixes). Black Roses: Love Sick Potion features brand new and old love-themed singles, freestyles, and remixes by Stainless Steele along with a few contributions from his musical colleagues.


01 Outkast – Happy Valentine’s Day (Black Roses chopped and screwed intro)
02 Stainless Steele – Dancing Ballerina Hidden Praying Mantis
03 Stainless Steele – Moon Ladder
04 Stainless Steele – Moon Ladder (Lapalux’s Long Days remix)
05 Stainless Steele – Purple Curve Ruins
06 Stainless Steele – Say You Will Freestyle
07 Stainless Steele – Adorable Torture
08 TEK.LUN – Heart and Soul
09 Stainless Steele – Holdin My Breath
10 The Internet – Love Song (Stainless Steele remix)
11 Stainless Steele – Dulcinea
12 Elegant Animals – By My Recollection
13 Stainless Steele – Nocturnal Revenge (alternate take: knx)
14 Stainless Steele – Technology for Romance (alternate take: Abjo)
15 Outkast – Vibrate


Powell Beats, an electronic producer from Paris, France drops a new track on soundcloud for free download.