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Quelle Chris presents 2Dirt4TV Ep2 “Niggas Is Men”. Put together by Quelle Chris with Cavalier and Fresh Daily; produced by Quelle Chris, Messiah Musik, and Sifu; featuring Tanya Morgan, Denmark Vessey, DJ GroWeyez, Chay, and Bwameeks; “Niggas Is Men” is a dusty, sharp cornered 13 track affair. A prelude to Quelle Chris’s upcoming Mello Music Group debut proper, NIM is a head-nodding, intoxicating journey through reincarnation, long tokes, the poisoned food supply, addiction cycles, and even hot & crusty hoes.

Quelle Chris, the MC from Fresno CA teams up with beat gen producer and Green Lama representative Mr. Dibia$e for a super thorough EP titled “2Dirt4TV Vol.1”.


Quelle Chris – Live Alone Die Alone (video)