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Labtekwon, Baltimore based hip hop artist with a prolific history/discography drops a video for “Post-Punk/Ghettoclectic” one of the first cuts off his new release Revolutionary: The Omar Akbar Album/State of the Art


10th Letter experimental/hip hop producer out of South Carolina drops a new album Behind the Iron Chrysalis. 


Christoph El Truento – What We Used to Know /// Album from experimental/electronic producer from New Zealand, look for more from him coming soon on Cosmic Compositions new label.



Ben Gray aka Garfunkle a Pennsylvania native now residing in Boston is a scientist. Whether it be music, photography or bio-engineering Garfunkle disects his subject in order to understand fully the origin of its function. Once he’s gained that understanding he can rebuild that subject by his own hand. Garfunkle began as an MC and producer in high school then started working more with playing keys, programming drums and looping samples while attending college at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. He produced a number of works while in Baltimore and developed a sound of his own. Tinkering being one of them is available for free download via bandcamp. Garfunkle’s music is rooted in jazz and hip hop. Using vintage keys synths, chopped up drum breaks, mathematic chord progressions and disection of samples; the science is in the sound. Garfunkle recently earned a PhD in Bio-engineering from Cornell University in Ithica, New York and is working on renewable fuels in Boston. Look for more releases from Garfunkle in the near future at Extra Lovely.