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Olof Melander aka Iller the Abstract Giraffe  – Inner Worlds (tape snippet/Finest Ego/Project Mooncircle 2014)


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Iller the Abstract Giraffe – Galaxies 1 & 2


King Trade SupremeGenesis feat. Barry Bones produced by TEAK

TuamieHouse Shoes Presents the Gift Vol.4









Stainless Steele, MC/Producer in the genre of hip hop/psychedelic/electronica drops his latest release Nothing is Sacred, Everything is Sacred. The album includes 50% production from Stainless and the other half from a handful of experimental beat scene producers including; ProfLogik, Deflon, Iller the Abstract GiraffePogflipper and Ohbliv with one vocal guest appearance from Maf Madix. You can also purchase a 7″ vinyl single that includes High Lander Grammar  from the new album and three other rare underground hip hop cuts. Digital download of the album is included with purchase of the vinyl.