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“been workin on this for the past few days. i just really couldn’t stop listening to the ending of “shell of light.” shit is so beautiful. so i did this so i could listen to it more. hope u like it ::)

o and my album comes out in a lil less than a month :’))” – Shlohmo

Download: Shell of Light (Shlohmo remix)


Download: Marvin’s Room (Shlohmo remix)

As Drake prepares to release his Sophomore album “Take Care” several new tracks have been leaked one way or another online. While it’s not exactly clear which tracks will actually end up on the official release the tracks that have come out sound more like where ‘So Far Gone’ left off then his debut release ‘Thank Me Later’. Here’s a short four song mix of some of the newer material Drake’s released to get a taste of what to expect for the new album.

Download: Trust Issues (Extra Lovely mix)


1. Dreams Money Can Buy

2. Marvin’s Room

3. Trust Issues

4. I’m on One feat Rick Ross and Lil Wayne