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Via Collective Resonance

San Diego based beat musician and Jazz guitarist GO Yama‘s┬ádebut release with Collective Resonance Mobius Strips, is out officially today, April the 28th 2013. GO Yama puts a playful spin on Hip Hop and Electro in our time. Fusing Trip Hop beats from artists like Flying Lotus, with the pull of live instruments and looping, GO YAMA creates an interesting and colourful genre blend of Trip Hop, Indie and Jazz.



Elan, the electronic Hip-hop/Funk producer out of San Diego, CA rocks a lovely live set at Boiler Room in LA.


“I’ve been making beats for the better part of 4 years, but I’ve been musically involved since I was 9, so about 13 years now….There are a lot of influences in my life, but the biggest ones were my father’s music collection, my classical music background, The Roots (my favorite hip hop band, period), Dilla and Madlib, and jazz music in general. These days, though, cats like Dibia$e, Freddie Joachim and FlyLo are my biggest inspirations…Sankofa means “to return from whence you came”, but to me it also means to re-complete the cycle, the same cycle you’ve been completing since your soul has inhabited this existance; to basically go back to your roots again, renewed and evolved from the last time you progressed, to reflect and be one with yourself again, as you always have been…”