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Yikes the Zero is a multi-talented MC/Producer/Artist/Writer based out of Philadelphia, PA. He returns with his latest album, “The Animal Box” on Extra Lovely Records. Yikes not only wrote and produced the entire album, he also created the incredible artwork for the project. The “Animal Box” is an adventurous and unique experimental hip-hop album that pulls in sounds from a range of worldly genres. The album is textured with soundbites from old cartoons, comic book references and layers of ghostly samples. The only features on the album are from the track, “Gauntlet” and includes additional vocals from O-Severe, Lushlife, Stainless Steele, Distant Starr, Tajai (Souls of Mischief) & Pep Love (Hieroglyphics Crew). “The Animal Box” is out now and available digitally and on limited-edition cassette. Listen/Purchase



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EL003 – Adam Jeez & Yikes the Zero“The Some Of Us” ///

In the winter of 2006 in west Philadelphia, producer Adam Jeez and lyricist Yikes The Zero decided to work on a few collaborations that would lead to a 2 year expedition into experimental wordplay and abstract production. The journey accumulated over 30 songs spanning several genres from around the world. This collection of unreleased conceptual songs were hand-picked, remastered and seasoned to form the album “The Some of Us” and is now being released through Extra Lovely Records.

Adam Jeez & Yikes the Zero – “Shadow and the Wolf” (video) ///

Chester WatsonTrident ///

D.G.M Vol.1VATOGATO & Cakedog ///


Yikes the ZeroYikey the Giant Slayer ///


Dym Quelle Holo004: M__ry C_r__tm_s (seasons mumblings) ///


YIKES the ZERO, Hip-hop MC/Producer out of Philadelphia, PA drops a full length album titled “A Kid and His Monsters”. The album showcases YIKE’s distinct voice and wordplay with villain/comic book like production. The sound is reminiscent of 92′-94′ hip hop  style with a progressive approach; sort of like jeep beats steez for 2013. The sound is very rich and and original and the production allows your ear to find something new on the replay. Make sure to give it a listen and tell your friends about Yikes the zero.