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Maryland artist Dexter Fizz melds his sound to the smooth, jazzy, sample-driven production of legendary Japanese producer Bugseed. “I Died Here” is a timeless 10 track project. With life inspired lyrics, each track hits home as you sink into this well crafted body of art. Out now on limited edition cassette (with a short run of exclusive T-shirts) and digital download via Extra Lovely Records.

All songs written by Dexter FIzz and produced by Bugseed ///

Cover art and layout by LSDoomGFX

Dexter Fizz a young MC from Maryland drops a lovely 11 track album entirely produced by German producer Thallus and is mixed by DJ SYLO. Dexter Fizz is an artist on KC.93 the  record label of The Midnight Kids Academy. Download “The Joy of Thinking Big” here.

Track 2: Magic Handclaps

Track 3: Two Cents

promotional video for “The Joy of Thinking Big”