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N.O.M.A.D. releases another lush,relaxing, warm, dirty and jazzy instrumental project entitled  P E A C E F U L / P L A N E T.




Khalil Nova (MC from Atlanta, GA)  and Gamera (producer from Denver, CO) team up to release a two part EP entitled Astral Kush.  The two artists have coined their sound as “spirit wave” which resembles psychedelic trap/hip hop with an experimental feel. Both Khalil and Gamera come from the midnight kids academy music label KC.93 records and radio. Look for more from them in 2013 and download Astral Kush for free.


Stainless Steele electronic/hip hop producer and MC from Pennsylvania drops a new EP entitled A Beautiful Rift in Time . The EP features production from Bueller, Knxwledge, Jay Marvlis, Gamera and Poptartpete with Stainless Steele on vocals.

N.O.M.A.D, experimental electronic producer from Texas drops his newest release entitled FEEL.



Dexter Fizz, MC/Hip Hop artist down with KC.93 the record label of the Midnight Kids Academy, releases the Stoop Kid EP. This EP combines top notch production, raw rhymes with extremely well placed skits and samples to form certified classic material.


Dexter Fizz a young MC from Maryland drops a lovely 11 track album entirely produced by German producer Thallus and is mixed by DJ SYLO. Dexter Fizz is an artist on KC.93 the  record label of The Midnight Kids Academy. Download “The Joy of Thinking Big” here.

Track 2: Magic Handclaps

Track 3: Two Cents

promotional video for “The Joy of Thinking Big”

Midnight Kids For Japan is a compilation album brought to you by KC.93 Records & Radio, the music label of Midnight Kids Academy. The album consists of new and unreleased music by KC.93’s roster of over 46 musicians from different corners of the world such as the United Kingdom, Germany, China, and various regions of the United States. All proceeds from the album will go towards GlobalGiving’s Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. Purchase of album includes bonus cover artwork by various MDNK artists.

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Executive Producers: Killboy, Mark II & Stainless Steele
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