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Turbo Tape Recordings & Beat SoupArancino (live beat showcase) ///

FunkypusMonnema Dreck (Radio Juicy Vol.153) ///

Bluezrcorrupted files ///

Mr. Dibia$esp184 mix ///

KnxwledgeIn the Dungeon: Jstwoee ///

Laughing Khokmah EnsembleRELICS ///


Bambooman – ZZZz’s ///

Adhesive SoundsPocket Full of Stones (compilation feat: Mark Aubert, Bluezr etc ) ///



Dakim drops two new tapes via Stones Throw / Leaving Records

Bluezr drops a lovely 24min free flowing lofi beat session with a wonderful variety of instrumentals


DJ Harrison, multi-talented jazz/hip hop musician out of Richmond, VA drops his latest release, DJ Harrison and Friends Polytone