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Code Cut Crew (Mix Master Mike, DJ Qbert, Alchemist & Jason Goldwatch) – Planes ///

Aesop RockThe Impossible Kid ///


SheSaidSo w/ Mi Ki Mak – .002. FT a 30 min guest mix from Sir Froderick (radar radio) ///

SwarvyElderberry ///

This is the fourth mixtape from Mix Master Mike that we’ve posted on Extra Lovely entitled “Rescue 916” originally released on cassette in 1996. The style in which Mix Master Mike delivers can be compared to the hip hop version of improvisational free jazz. His rapid fire blends transition into live scratch solos that keeps your mind and ear hearing and seeing something new almost every second. Check out our previous post from May 2011 which includes three other mixtapes from Mike for free download.

Download: Rescue 916_Side A

Download: Rescue 916_Side B

Here are three mixtapes from Mix Master Mike “The Serial Wax Killer” from 1996 – 1997. In the eyes of us here at Extra Lovely these are really something special. The tapes are a blend of rapid-fire transitions, followed by improv scratch sessions mixed with audio clips from movies that come together to form an amazing psychedelic collage of turntablism from the golden era of its genre.  Mix Master Mike DJs for the Beastie Boys and was an original member of The Invisibl Skratch Piklz.

Memoirs of a Serial Killer: Download

The Explosive Box Cassette: Download

Mix Masterpiece (Muziks Worst Nightmare): Download