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Via C O S M I C | C O M P O S I T I O N S – 

This compilation is a dedication to Saturn born composer, bandleader, piano and synthesizer player, poet and philosopher ~ Sun Ra. 

Featuring tracks from JLNI ~ Sam a La Bamalot ~ Whoarei ~Swallows Fly Low ~ Melodiesinfonie ~ Lux Natura ~ Amin Payne ~ 10th Letter ~ zeroh & Low Leaf ~ FloFilz & Wun Two ~ Dave Sparkz & Camillo Fritangi ~ Christoph El’ Truento ~ Ben Jamin ~ Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo ~ Jublet ~KAMAHO ADISA ~ Tuamie ~ NAHM-SAYN ~ Ace Mo ~ Ewonee The Beatnik ~ David Straange ~ N.O.M.A.D ~ Isaac Aesili ~ J Boogie ~ Lord Akton ~ Stainless Steele ~ Iller The Abstract Giraffe ~ Grass Mirror ~ Mono:Massive..

This compilation is a free/name your price download with all money raised being donated to the Philippines typhoon relief fund.. 

We feel there is a huge similarity between the Avant-Garde/Free Jazz movement of the 50’s & 60’s & the beat movement of Today. As both movements attempted to break down, extend & alter the conventions of their original genres (Jazz & Hip Hop) & were never afraid to experiment & improvise to create something that wasn’t accepted commercially at the time.

Here’s a few of our favorite discoveries from the past week…

A mysterious soundcloud producer named YAYAY drops one beat on his account that blows a lot of beats out of the water and has everyone buzzin, have a listen for yourself…


A Mr Muthafuckin eXquire video for “The Song That Never Ends Pt.2” feat Heron. The beat is produced by Company Flow off of the instrumental album Little Johnny from the Hospital. Download his free mixtape “Lost in Translation” here.


Low Leaf a Los Angeles singer and producer, who plays harp and piano drops a new video. A live performance of “June Gloom”. Low Leaf is set to release a new project this coming week.


Thank you to AL_PD, Rusty Robot and Mark II …