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Jar Jar Jr.Treasure Maps (SwaggerLikeUz video) ///

Gilles PetersonPhife Dawg Tribute Mix ///

AFROBEAT MAKERSNu Guinea The Tony Allen Experiments ///

In The Loop RadioZero Sound System, The Art of Soundcloud #34 ///


ProflogikOverdoze Musik  ///

Ru AreYou & ProflogikThe Purest Water /// off of an Untitled Collaboration project release date TBA.


As 2011 rolls over to 2012 you would expect to see lists of top music releases of the past year. As the lists start to spread so does opinions on whether the listeners agree or disagree according to their taste and personal favorites. Soundcloud, one of the most popular online sites for independent musicians, bloggers, podcasters and listeners to socialize on the web, released their 1,000 Most Influential Tracks of 2011. You may notice some familiar names that Extra Lovely has posted in the past months including: Prof.Logik, Akryte, Infinite Potentials, Knxwledge, Mndsgn, Stainless Steele, Lapalux etc.

An Extra Lovely favorite from the list:


Here’s a few of our favorite discoveries from the past week…

A mysterious soundcloud producer named YAYAY drops one beat on his account that blows a lot of beats out of the water and has everyone buzzin, have a listen for yourself…


A Mr Muthafuckin eXquire video for “The Song That Never Ends Pt.2” feat Heron. The beat is produced by Company Flow off of the instrumental album Little Johnny from the Hospital. Download his free mixtape “Lost in Translation” here.


Low Leaf a Los Angeles singer and producer, who plays harp and piano drops a new video. A live performance of “June Gloom”. Low Leaf is set to release a new project this coming week.


Thank you to AL_PD, Rusty Robot and Mark II …

10th Letter an experimental/electronic/beat producer from South Carolina drops 14 new tracks via Soundcloud in preparation for an upcoming release due out by the end of the year. The new tracks are totally separate from the upcoming album, “its all a bunch of stuff that happened while working on the album and some older stuff too.”